Impact of influenza compared with COVID 19 – COVID 19 is far far more deadly!

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases looked at how many people in Italy got and died from influenza over 4 winter flu seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17.

In each of those Winter flu seasons, it is estimated there were 5-290-000 cases of influenza-like-illness in Italy. In a population of 60million. That means that influenza infects about 9% of the Italian population each season.

During this study period, on average about 12 to 41 people / 100-000 died from influenza. So in a population of 60 million, that is about 17-000 deaths per year from influenza in Italy. That is 0.028% of the population

Thus far with COVID 19 Italy has had 84-000 cases with 9100 deaths (half the annual influenza deaths already), and this is only 33 days after they reached their 100th case, this is 10.5% of people dying. That equates to COVID 19 having a 370-fold increased death rate compared with influenza for those infected in Italy! And considering they have reached peak capacity of all their ventilators, that death rate may sadly rise!

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Dr Lachlan Soper