Could Australia be COVID-19 free by August?

If you open this link and then scroll down to the 3rd graph, hover over the yellow line you’ll see that since Australia hit roughly 600 active cases we’ve gone down by approximately 10 cases a day. With 530 “active cases”, on the assumption that health authorities have tracked down and are following every single COVID-19 case in the nation, and the count dropping by 10 cases a day, there is the possibility that Australia could be COVID-19 free from August. Possibly. Then it would be a matter of extremely strict quarantine, and checking all those people who work with anyone who comes into the country (airline staff, customs, quarantine hotels). We would still be physically isolated from the rest of the world, but there could be some semblance of “life as normal”. Noting that industries that rely on international travel like tourism and education will remain severely affected.

Dr Lachlan Soper