Pros and Cons of Virtual Doctor Visits

Even before the pandemic struck, virtual doctor visits were becoming more and more popular. Now with so many people confined to their homes and the doctor’s office not being as safe as it used to be, virtual visits and telehealth communication have become a necessity. However, virtual visits have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes down to it, is it worth it in the end?

Pro: Cost-effective Care

Oftentimes, a virtual visit with your doctor is going to be less expensive than a traditional visit to their office. A patient can actually save money by removing the time spent sitting in the waiting room and commuting to the clinic. Virtual care appointments also decrease no-show and late appointment rates.

Pro: Convenient and Accessible

Many patients found virtual visits to be easier and much more convenient. Instead of taking time out of their day to drive down to the clinic and wait for the doctor, they can access care right from the comfort of their home or wherever they have an internet connection. Telehealth is also a great option for those living in rural areas and remote locations. They can gain access to doctors more easily while also having quicker and more convenient access to specialists. 

Pro: Better Patient Engagement

Patients are more likely to set and keep their appointments when made through telehealth solutions. Virtual visits also encourage patients to be more involved by making it easier to reach out with questions, voice concerns, share early warning signs, and schedule a follow-up appointment. With the patient-centered approaches that telehealth offers, there’s a major improvement to patient care.

Con: More Training and Tech Equipment

Moving care to a virtual platform requires more training in tech and requires equipment. This restructures the IT staff’s responsibilities, which costs both time and money. To ensure patients are getting the best care possible with virtual visits, training for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff is crucial. 

Con: Less In-Person Consultations

Technology has its limitations and cannot completely replace in-person consultations. However, the appeal and convenience of virtual visits will make in-person visits seem like even more of a hassle, even when it is necessary. Not all procedures, especially a checkup, can be performed digitally. 

At the end of the day, as good as tele-health is, nothing can replace an experienced doctors’ gut feel when a patient walks in their door, and there is no substitute for a thorough clinical examination. 

Telehealth is a worthwhile supplement to good patient care, but should never replace it, as things will get missed.


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