Covid-19. Winter is Coming (a very unfortunate pun on Game of Thrones). Thoughts from Prof. Peter Collignon

“This problem is going to continue until a lot of us are either immune, which means we’ve caught the infection, which is not a good idea, or we get a vaccine that is safe and effective,”

“I don’t think life is going to be normal in three months. It would be nice if life was reasonably normal in six months, but that’s the earliest horizon,”

“My honest view is this will go on for 18 months to some degree.”

“Every winter you have ten times more transmission of respiratory viruses than summer or autumn. The real worry for Australia is June to early September. That’s when we might have to be more restrictive on what we do.”

Professor Peter Collignon, an infectious diseases expert at the Australian National University.

Dr Lachlan Soper